GPS Fleet Tracking & Equipment Tracking

Serving all of San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Houston, TX & Oklahoma City, OK

When your business has many vehicles and field equipment that are constantly on the go, JAM SkyForce’s software can help better track and trace your equipment. This way you can better locate vehicles and manage all your assets more efficiently.

Fleet Tracking Made Easy
  • Locate drivers and vehicles: With our devices, we can help you verify billing with customizable trip reports, increase revenue through gathered intelligence, improve safety through driver safety reports, find local assets through the “find nearest truck” feature, verify service delivery, and track the run and stop times of your vehicles.
  • Industry-leading hardware: Some of the features that our innovative software boasts are easy to install and expandable features; high sensitivity GPS; over-the-air firmware updates; and rugged, compact, and flexible telemetry. They are also built to U.S. military standards for shock and vibration.
  • Tracked assets: Our software can help you track your field trucks, winch trucks, tractors, water trucks, and pole trucks.